Assessing Sewer Line Leads to Greasy Discovery

Livonia is a well-planned community of residential, industrial, commercial and civic development with a population of approximately 100,000. Centrally located between Detroit and Ann Arbor at the intersection of two major freeways — I-96, which travels east and west, and I-275, which travels north and south — beneficial and convenient to those travelling in and out of the city.  A 6-mile corridor containing more than 32 million square feet of manufacturing space and 4 million square feet of office space is home to a variety of industrial companies.

During a recent inspection of the city’s sewer system, an isolated area was identified with a significant accumulation of grease. Half a million feet of pipe were inspected and approximately 70 percent of the line was videotaped, most of which were free of any problem areas. The area identified was a section of 42-inch trunk line that runs from one end of the city’s border to the other. Located along the busy I-96 corridor, the line collects waste from industries and businesses from all directions.  The 2-mile stretch of the 42-inch pipe contained hundreds of cubic yards of grease. The city is currently working toward the removal processes, as well as public education on best practices for disposal of fats, oils and grease.

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