High Pressure Sewer Cleaning in Burton

The City of Burton sewer department is currently conducting routine maintenance on the sanitary sewer system as part of its asset management program. This maintenance requires crews to use high pressure equipment to clean the main lines prior to inspecting them with television equipment. Sometimes, when doing this high pressure cleaning, pressure can build up in the lines that service individual homes or businesses. While every home and business is equipped with one or more plumbing vents which, when properly functioning, releases excess gas from the facility.  High pressure cleaning can sometimes cause sinks or toilets to “gurgle” if these vents are NOT functioning properly, or if some other plumbing defect exists. It can even at times expel excess air pressure through toilets or sinks. It is the responsibility of home and business owners to make sure that these vents are functioning properly.   As part of regular preventive maintenance, residents are encouraged to have the plumbing system inspected by a knowledgeable person or a professional plumber to ensure the vents are working properly and are not plugged.  Remember, should a vent blockage occur, these vents extend above the roofline. Blocked vents are typically caused by birds or bees having built nests in them. Sometimes very old vents become corroded and blocked by rust.  The City will notify residents when the cleaning crews are in the neighborhood by placing a note on your door.


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