Michigan Avenue Blue Sewer Liner Project

Due to a collapse earlier this summer of a deteriorated pipeline, the City of Adrian solved a future problem before it happened.  This project was, in effect, considered an emergency repair.  The thickness of the pipeline in question had downgraded to approximately 3/8 of an inch from where it started at 2.5 inches.  The line that was repaired was replaced using liner to approximately 1,000 ft. of a 24 inch sewer line.  The City has also rehabilitated Broad St. through the Church Street parking lot with the same re-lining process.  The immediate needed attention to the sewer line was discovered earlier this summer as the severe rain heightened the awareness.  The other likely culprit to the lines needing repair, is the hydrogen sulfide gas that has eaten away at the concrete, which was confirmed after the inspection.  The daily flow through the sewer can be as high as 400,000 gallons.  That amount more than doubled in June, with a higher than normal amount running through the sewer lines.  The repair project is expected to be funded through the City’s sewer fund capital budget.


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