Michigan’s Rural Cities Appraise Septic vs. Sewer Systems

Several rural and suburban areas in Michigan are utilizing the roughly 48,000 on-site septic systems currently in use within the state. A percentage of these systems are in need of repair or upgrades. If a different system is necessary, soil tests will first be conducted to determine if a property is suitable for construction of a sewage system.  A consideration will also be whether such a change would cause contamination of ground water. In some cases, the prevalence of septic systems can be associated with a lack of funding for suitable, but costlier, enhancements.

Most often during the spring season, there are incidences of more waste entering the environment because the groundwater is shallower. Contributing to this is the greater number of failing septic systems due to overuse. Michigan does not have statewide minimum siting and design standards for small systems serving one or two family homes, or commercial systems which discharge less than 1,000 gallons per day. The frequency of pumping required for each system depends on how many people live in the home and the size of the system.  Modernized sewer systems can be more advantageous as the sewer lines are built to accommodate the largest possible amounts of water, such as storms and periods of heavy downpour. Rural and suburban areas throughout Michigan continue to upgrade their sewer pipelines, some of which were constructed prior to the 1960’s.

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