Michigan’s Water SOS, Perma-Liner Industries is at Attention!

Oh, where to start with the Flint water crisis! For months on end you’ve been hearing the horrific details of the impossibly contaminated water. Residents have endured many long months since this catastrophe began. The misfortune of a sanitary and storm sewer system that is outdated, underfunded and unable to handle the volume flowing through its pipes, especially in a moderate or heavy rainfall. Some of those pipes have been in the ground for more than a century – well beyond their expected lifespans. In some cities, sewage still flows through hollowed out logs. Just a few years ago, 25 billion gallons of partially treated and untreated storm and sanitary sewage flowed into Michigan’s waterways. Forgive the equation, but even on a need to know basis, and everyone needs to know, that is one billion gallons or enough to fill more than 1,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Dreadful, in a word.

Much of the delivery system, including piping, valves and hydrants, are reaching the end of their anticipated design life. The Governor is planning a commission to bring all of the failing infrastructures up to date including water, sewer and several others. The complete restructuring will come from the sponsorship of the newly instated Michigan Infrastructure Fund. It is anticipated to cost up to $3.7 billion over the next 20 years to bring the state’s many wastewater systems up to standard. Not to mention the tens of thousands of lead service lines in cities and towns across the state. In Flint alone, it is expected to cost up to $55 million to replace those lead laden pipelines. This crisis has brought attention to ailing water infrastructures nation-wide and has cities across the globe sitting up and taking notice of their own peril. Cities are also making calculations on waterborne illnesses and the vast health toll it will take on many communities, if not addressed with the utmost concern.

To all the cities across the state of Michigan, if ever there was a time Perma-Liner Industries posed a question, now is the time. How can we help you? Really. With your state going through such a tumultuous time of restructuring water systems, can we be there for you? We have several Installers and plumbers in every city across the state: on standby, ready to assist with this crisis. We refer only the best in the business; our certified professionals will come out to your residence or place of business quick, fast and in a hurry to repair, rehabilitate and renew your pipelines using our trenchless method- causing no more harm to your landscaping. The tools, equipment and systems we manufacture are second to none. Call us now to schedule an appointment. We’re ready. 1-866-336-2568 or go online to


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