New Sewer Project May Be in the Future for Manistee

The City of Manistee recently proposed a plan for a new state-mandated sewer project. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) mandates the completion of a Wet Weather Corrective Action Program (CAP) to eliminate the city’s final separated sewer overflow — SSO 018. This new plan is designed to reduce inflow and infiltration of illegal water in the city’s sewage system, and to transfer, treat, and store excess inflow and infiltration at the plant.

Two phases are required under the plan. Phase one includes sewer and pipe rehabilitation; and phase two includes a conveyance, storage construction, and treatment process. Part of phase one’s detailed plans consists of replacing structurally deficient sewer and manholes and using CIPP method to repair structurally deficient sewers and manholes.

There are major benefits for Manistee by performing trenchless rehabilitation on these projects. Not only is it a cost-saving method, but it also saves time and causes fewer disturbances to landscape and the community.

Upon approval, phases one and two need to be complete by October 2020.

CIPP is a method for restoring older pipelines with minimal digging in streets and on adjacent property. A piece of durable lining is installed inside the old pipe. It is a safe and environmentally sound solution to replace and repair aging pipes.

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