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Rooter MD Plumbing Gets Rave Reviews in Michigan Cities


When you’re looking for a plumber in the Metro Detroit area and other Cities within Southeast Michigan, it’s easy to see why Rooter MD receives great reviews time after time. The work is done right the first time!

Perma-liner Industries is pleased to have Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating as one of our celebrated certified Installers.  If you’re a homeowner, you are aware of problems that can arise in the pipelines such as clogs and poor drainage, leading to a dreaded backup. But did you know the sewer line is the single most important aspect of your home plumbing system?  When the main is stopped up, clogged or flowing improperly, the rest of your pipes and drains are soon to follow.  Sewer lines are often difficult to access because they are buried deep underground, beneath your home, yard or driveway.

Unfortunately, most people don’t give a second thought to their sewer line until it malfunctions, so in many homes, sewer lines are poorly maintained and existing in varying degrees of disrepair, clog or corrosion.  Rooter MD / American Pipe Lining Great Lakes uses a patented process to reline your damaged sewer pipes, fixing the problem quickly and for less.  Whether it’s root infiltration, crushed piping, cracked or broken pipes, or separated pipe joints, Rooter MD can implement its highly effective cured-in-place pipe restoration system.

RooterMD offers plumbing services on a variety of commercial buildings and public property, as well.  It’s also important to know there is emergency service 24 hours a day.  With over 35 years of experience, you’ll be getting an expert in the field.  Why not give Rooter MD a call today to schedule an appointment.  Have an assessment done before a pricey problem exists.  Or perhaps you’ve been having an issue that requires prompt attention.  Now’s the time to call and get the best estimate for services from a highly qualified plumber.  Call (248) 888-7777 or go online to rootermd.com – your neighborhood plumber wherever you live in Southeast Michigan!