Several Projects Aimed at Improving Wastewater Issues in Muskegon

City officials want the best for the city they are representing. From new parks and recreation areas to updates to the city infrastructure, the resident and city needs are held to the highest standard. This is the case in Muskegon, Michigan where city officials are proposing a $24 million wastewater project and are asking for resident input.

The projects will help the city provide a more reliable and resilient wastewater system by increasing capacity and replacing aging or broken sewer lines. It also aims to reduce the risk of water backups and increase energy efficiency. The work will be done over a five year period and residents could see a sewer rate increase to offset costs of the work.

Some of the other improvements within the scope of work include relinquishment of badly damaged sewer mains and infrastructure, installation of a pump station, replacement of a trunk sewer to gain access for other repairs, rehabilitation of two aging pump stations with new pumps and discharge piping to repair corroded pipes, and rerouting and replacement of aging mains and laterals.

Outside of the trenchless pipe repairs, there is the possibility of major traffic issues if the plan is approved.

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